Reasons Why Custom Fit Car Covers Are Perfect

For most vehicle proprietors, car covers are quite vital to guard their automobiles towards all varieties of risks. There are a lot of covers to select from and there may be usually that car cowl so that it will be ideal for any car. However, now not everybody has visible the benefits of having a custom-made vehicle cowl for their automobile. There are heaps of fee to having a custom in shape vehicle cowl and numerous reasons why custom made covers are branded as having the proper suit at all times. Below are few of these reasons:

1. It covers every contour of the car. When you have got a custom made cowl in your automobile, all details are given unique attention which complements the safety as all wallet are sewn flawlessly to fit every element. Holes for the retractable antenna, mirrors, and other little information are taken care of.

2. It prevents slippage. Baggy covers slip and slide from the auto. This unnecessarily rubs the auto’s finish, which could damage the paint. With a custom vehicle cover, the fabric suits like a glove thereby preventing the cloth from sliding and slipping towards the automobile.

Three. It removes dirt and other materials from creeping into the auto. Poorly fitting car covers may additionally produce gaps in which dust ought to input. Not best that, bugs can climb in from the gap and they may make scratches and leave their droppings at the floor. A flawlessly outfitted custom car cowl prevents any gap from forming.

4. You get to pick out what sort of cloth to apply. There are plenty of vehicle cowl fabric to choose from. It is up to you to personalize it in step with your automobile’s desires. The kind of material helps protect the car towards any kind of weather. If you stay in an exceedingly hot neighborhood, you need to get a material that is UV- proof so the rays will no longer be able to damage the automobile’s paint. In a cold climate, but, the material need to be tough sufficient to carry the weight of the snow and thick sufficient no longer to allow water via. For both kinds of weathers, the fabric have to offer enough insulation so that moisture will not form on the auto’s floor.

Five. Customizing a cowl for automobile means that you get to pick what coloration to use. For some human beings it isn’t always essential but giving attention to colour is by some means the essence of customization, you get to match the color in keeping with your flavor and it is going to be very first-rate in case you get to understand your automobile even though it is protected.

Your car’s pristine look diminishes with time. So it’s far very important which you get honestly particular with how you guard it to make look lovely as if it’s miles new. Custom suit vehicle covers are notable for this task as they assure an ideal in shape in an effort to function the car’s number one shape of safety. With the option to personalize colorings and fabric, you will really have most effective the satisfactory cover to your car.


His philosophy is the pursuit of perfection on wheels. And when analyzing its new models it can be concluded that this philosophy is followed strictly. LEXUS brand models are the most authentic translation of advanced technology, modern design and high performance. It all started in August 1983 when Toyota President Eiji Toyoda challenged his executives to develop the world’s best luxury car. The automaker had decided it was time to launch a luxury car that could change the market, especially the demanding American consumer. Two years later, a group of researchers landed in the city of Laguna Beach, California, to investigate the tastes and lifestyle of the American upper class. This led to the need to create a new brand that was autonomous from Toyota. A luxury car division of the Japanese automaker, named LEXUS, was created. In the middle of the same year the first prototype was manufactured, called LS 400.

The following year the prototype was tested on the German and US highways, with its final project approved in 1987. Over $ 4 billion was invested in the project, involving 1,400 engineers, 60 designers and 2,300 technicians. of 450 prototypes. In January of 1988 the brand LEXUS officially presents the model LS 400 in the Hall of Los Angeles. A few months later, the first 81 concessionaires of the brand were inaugurated in the United States. After a rigorous testing program, where more than 100 models were thoroughly tested, LEXUS finally introduced its first model at the Detroit Motor Show, kicking off its September sales of US $ 38,000. The LEXUS LS 400, equipped with a 4.0-liter V8 engine, was a quiet and sophisticated vehicle. Due to a huge marketing operation and its high quality and luxury, and not forgetting the extremely competitive price, LEXUS has become a true sales success. The following year the LEXUS LS 400 was voted the best car imported from the United States and reached the European market, being initially launched in the United Kingdom. The demanding British consumer was impressed by the quality of the LEXUS models. Shortly thereafter the brand models were introduced in Switzerland, Canada and Australia. In 1991, LEXUS was already one of the leading imported luxury car brands in the US market, and the following year it reached first place in sales in the category of imported luxury cars, surpassing the traditional BMW and Mercedes-Benz. It sold 92,890 units, a staggering number for a brand newly introduced in the market.

In 1994 the second generation of the fully restyled LS 400 was launched on the market. In this period, the brand solidified its leading position in the market, being the best-selling imported luxury luxury car in the United States, surpassing all its European competitors. The brand’s popularity increased even more in the middle of that decade with the introduction of the brand’s first sport utility vehicle. Just two months after its launch, the model was already market leader, surpassing the Land Rover in units sold. At the end of the decade, in 1999, TEAM LEXUS was created  , the Japanese automobile competition division, which won its first victory in its debut season. Later that year, LEXUS celebrated the mark of 1 million vehicles sold in the United States. At this time the brand was considered the most successful in its category in the last 30 years. In 2003 the brand opened its first factory outside Japan, located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Only in 2005 the LEXUS brand was introduced in the Japanese market. Shortly thereafter, in 2007, LEXUS created the high-performance ‘F’ division, applying it to LEXUS IS-F. With this new division, the automaker could compete with its main European rivals. To satisfy the growing appetite for luxury cars in yet another emerging country, LEXUS officially unveiled its brand in India in 2011. One of the brand’s most successful factors is LEXUS HYBRID DRIVE, an intelligent technology that combines power from the electric motor to the gasoline engine for impressive performance with significantly reduced gas emissions. LEXUS not only bet on the quality of building its impeccable cars but also on the quality of after-sales service like you have to know about oldsmobile. The service facilities are of high refinement and comfort, offering cappuccino machines, Wi-Fi, Lego tables for children and transportation to airports for busy executives who leave their cars for review. For this and other reasons, LEXUS has been the number one customer satisfaction ranking for several times.


Lexus decided to play with the idea of ​​a convertible version of its iconic Lexus LC. For some time now, it has been considered the possibility of the Japanese sports car to add to its line a body version with these characteristics. Now, although it is a concept car, we can know what your line and design will look like. The new Lexus LC Convertible Concept comes on the scene to demonstrate that it is possible to transform the Japanese coupe into a convertible car. His presentation will take place at the Detroit Motor Show in 2019, the first event where the new Lexus LC Convertible Concept will be present. Lexus places particular emphasis on the lines, shapes, and athletic proportions presented by this conceptual model. Moreover, there has been no official confirmation of the brand if the concept will continue for production. The mark was rather ambiguous when it came to answering that question. Lexus Chief Designer Tadao Mori said that a production version of the Lexus LC Convertible Concept would be “very stimulating” in every way: “You will see your dynamic lines as you approach, listen to your engine when you start and will feel everything that surrounds you once being on the road. It would appeal to the senses in a unique and exciting way every time you get behind the wheel. ” Mori stresses the importance of taking the Lexus LC Coupe as the basis and extrapolating its essence into the unmistakable shapes of a convertible body. For him the Lexus LC Convertible Concept combines the best aspects of the body coupe with the convertible. The design also allowed the brand to explore new possibilities during the design process.

Aesthetically the new Lexus LC Convertible Concept stands out for its short overhangs and its long, low and slim shape. Nor do they overlook the massive 22-inch alloy wheels and the athletic stance it takes, allowing it to deliver strength. As can be seen in the pictures, the two rear seats are kept, although the space for its occupants remains very limited. It also sought to maintain the high levels of comfort and quality aboard this sporty convertible. White leather is a very present material in the passenger compartment. In relation to the rear, the design of the lanterns and the form of the bumper remains identical to the one of the Lexus LC of fixed ceiling. The area immediately behind the rear seats is where the changes are concentrated. The Lexus LC Convertible Concept has a length of 4,770 mm, a width of 1,920 mm, a height of 1,340 mm and a wheelbase of 2,870 mm. Mechanically there is no news, or at least Lexus did not say anything about it, so underneath its hood hides a 5.0-liter V8 gasoline engine with 477 hp and 540 Nm of maximum torque, which comes coupled with an automatic transmission of ten speeds and a rear traction system.

2018 – LEXUS CT 200H

The Lexus CT 200h, the world’s first hybrid luxury hatchback and currently the Lexus hybrid in Brazil, comes to the national market in its 2018 model with features that accentuate the emotional appeal and high sophistication of the Lexus brand in every detail, bringing together elements Premium to dynamic and efficient driving. Already available at Lexus points of sale across the country, the CT 200h 2018 is marketed in two versions: the CT 200h ECO for R $ 135,750 and the CT 200h for R $ 153,300. In addition to the even more refined design, the CT 200h 2018 Hybrid received new standard features such as the 10.3-inch LCD screen multimedia system available for both versions and LED fog lights for the CT 200h ECO , previously offered only in the CT 200h version.

Design and style

The CT 200h 2018 features new front and rear bumpers, while the Spindle front grille has received a new high gloss metallic paint finish, giving the CT 200h a sportier and more sophisticated look. The fog lights, now in rectangular format painted in metallic gray, and the rear optical assembly with LED lights have been redesigned. In addition to its new design, the front-mounted headlamp also has a daytime running lights above the headlights, creating harmonious continuity with the L-shaped side lines, reinforcing the brand’s identity in three-dimensional and transparent style . The 16-inch aluminum wheels, also with new design and machined finish, received metallic paint in the dark gray color, resulting in a more dynamic two-tone appearance and a sense of three-dimensional depth. The 2018 line of the CT 200h also received a HYBRYD logo, positioned on the lower sides of the rear doors.

Motorization, performance and efficiency

The CT 200h 2018 features the Lexus Hybrid Drive system that combines a 1.8-liter Atkinson VVT-i gasoline engine with 99 horsepower at 5,200 rpm and 142 Nm of torque at 4,400 rpm. The combustion engine works in conjunction with another electric 82 hp and 207 Nm of torque. The combined power is 136 hp. Due to its established hybrid technology, also present in the pioneering Toyota Prius, the CT 200h presents extremely low fuel consumption. The model makes 15.7 km / l in urban cycle and 14.2 km / l in highways, which makes it one of the most efficient vehicles sold in the country, according to INMETRO. The two versions of the Lexus CT 200h are equipped with ECO Driving indicator, which helps the driver to monitor whether or not the way you drive is prioritizing fuel economy. The vehicle has four driving modes: normal; Eco, which favors the electric motor; Sport, with emphasis on the combustion engine when the driver opts for a more aggressive performance and EV, which exclusively uses the electric motor at low speeds and generates zero emission of carbon. The transmission of the New CT 200h remains of the CVT type. The model is equipped with progressive electrostatic (EPS) steering, MacPherson strut front suspension and Double Wishbone rear suspension.

Comfort and convenience

The Lexus CT 200h 2018 maintains the characteristic comfort of the brand, with finishes made of soft materials to the touch, that reinforce the superior quality of the passenger compartment. Every detail of the CT 200h is rigorously inspected by ‘Takumis’, master craftsmen responsible for checking that each vehicle meets the exacting and award-winning standards of Lexus. For the 2018 model, the two versions of the CT 200h come standard with the Lexus multimedia system on a 10.3-inch LCD screen, with functions of DVD, MP3, AM / FM radio, digital TV, navigation system (GPS ), rear camera with option of auxiliary guide lines, Bluetooth, eight loudspeakers and two tweeters. The 2018 line of the CT 200h maintains the multifunction steering wheel with audio control, telephone, cruise control and on-board computer (with functions of average and instantaneous consumption, autonomy, average speed and external temperature); Smart Entry system, which unlocks doors and trunk by sensors; and the Start Button One-Touch Start System. Both versions have input for USB and auxiliary connection, dual zone integrated digital air conditioning, steering column with height and depth adjustment. There are also items that increase comfort on board such as the internal rear view mirror electro-chrome and external mirrors with regulation and electric folding, heating system, lighting and direction lights. In the CT 200h version, external mirrors also feature anti-glare, tilt-down and automatic folding. In the CT 200h ECO version, the driver’s seat has manual adjustment for distance, height and incline. In the CT 200h option, the front seats have a heating system. The driver’s seat holds up to three profiles and has electric adjustment for distance, inclination, height and lumbar, while the front passenger seat provides electric adjustment for distance and slope.


Eight airbags comprise the safety system of the new 2018 CT 200h hybrid line, two front and two knee bags – one for the driver and one for the front passenger, front side airbags and curtain airbags – two systems with two bags each .The Lexus The CT 200h is also equipped with ABS brakes with electronic brake distribution, stability control system (VSC), electronic traction (TRC) and climb start assist (HAC). The CT 200h ECO version now comes standard with LED fog lights, item previously only available in the regular option CT 200h. Still exclusive to the CT 200h version are items such as LED headlamps with scrubber and automatic height adjustment, as well as front and rear parking sensors. Both versions have an automatic daytime running system (halogen for CT 200h ECO and LED for CT 200h). Rain sensor, immobilizer by electronic code on the key and glass with anti-smash system and electric lock on the four doors are available in both versions.

Environmental awareness

The CT 200h 2018 uses environmentally friendly 30% polyethylene plastics in the center panel and doors.

New internal and external colors

It is available in Sonic White, Mercury Gray, Classic Black and Graphite Black. The CT 200h also features new exterior color options in the 2018 model. These are: Titanium Gray, Coral Red, Rubio Red, Amber Brown, Royal Blue and Meteor Blue. On the inside, the CT 200h ECO and CT 200h versions, before with interior only in black, receive two new options: Beige Ivory and Brown Noble.